be network marketing happy

and create mlm success

I mentioned it briefly in the 4th step of the manifestation process (Have a positive Self Image) that you should choose a traffic generation method that lets you experience a happy-feeling while you promote your network marketing opportunity. And this article here, I want to go into more details on how to be more happy and as a consequence increase your chances to create your mlm success.

I guess I need to firstly explain why it’s so important to create a happy-feeling while you are promoting your network marketing opportunity. I mean, it sounds corny to focus on how you FEEL while recruiting people into your mlm team, don’t you think?

So here is why I want you to open your mind and actively plan to be more happy on a daily basis. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction – it’s kind of a rhetorical question, but I want to make sure you do understand the basics of it.

The Law of Attraction works on the basis of the Universal Law of Vibration. Everything vibrates in our Universe: you, your car, your sponsor, your dog, your house, your money – just everything. And 1 vibrating real thing that we seem to forget about most of the time are our thoughts. Your thoughts and my thoughts, they all vibrate on a specific frequency. And it’s this frequency that activates the powerful and omnipresent Law of Attraction.

So: your thoughts vibrate and your thoughts are initially without any meaning at all; that is until you attach an emotion to it. And it’s those attached emotions that do in fact change the frequency we vibrate on.

You might want to read my other articles ‘Your Thoughts are Real’ and ‘The Power of Attraction’ where I go into more details of what I just described to you.

Right: your thoughts are real things and as soon as you attach an emotion to them, a specific frequency is sent out into the Divine Matrix and the Law of Attraction is activated. Thoughts plus Emotions create Feelings and the more positive you feel, the more positive is your attraction power.
That’s in very simple terms the definition of the Law of Attraction which I would like you to understand from now on.

So: let’s have a look at some images, shall we:

low of attraction brings happyness

This image shows that your thoughts come to you through the omnipresent field which I like to refer to as the Divine Matrix. Once you have an idea (or a thought) in your mind, you do add an emotion. This addition happens more or less automatically and is based on your current conditioning (which is reflected in your Values & Beliefs). Your sub-conscious mind is the keeper of your emotions and it adds the ‘best suited’ emotion to a thought, based on your past experiences and stored memories. This addition happens very, very, very quickly.

create a good feeling and create mlm success

And this addition adds value to your thought and your thought is transformed onto a new level of vibration – or your current vibration is reinforced. And it’s this ‘new’ thought that you yourself pass on to the Divine Matrix.

Don't worry: this process only sounds a bit complicated but this is only the case because you did not think about it up until this point. Once you get really familiar with what is happening inside your mind, you will have no troubles in finding your own 'happy-way' to promote your network marketing opportunity.

The next question is then: how do you change your frequency? And from where do you start and where can you go and which is the best frequency to be on so that you do in fact create the mlm success you want?


 Increase Your Frequency

frequency courage is the way to mlm success

I took this Emotional Scale from the book ‘Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender ’ by David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D. The number that is next to the description of the emotion is the frequency level of it. So you can see, that Fear is a very low-frequency emotion and Anger is higher and hence more powerful, but those are all still disempowering emotions.

You want to aim for the Courage-Level which vibrates on a frequency of 200.

emotional vibration creates your network marketing success

Let’s discuss for a moment what Courage means. For me, Courage is expressed in some form of action to which I don’t yet know exactly what the outcome will be, but I do it anyway. I do not yet have any reference at all, that what I’m doing – like promoting a Network Marketing Opportunity through eMail Marketing for example – is actually working, meaning that I will create the financial result I’m after.

I just don’t know! All I know is that other people say they did it and I know that there are some success factors that I could learn more about, like how to write compelling headlines so that the email recipients open my emails.

Can you follow this line of thought so far?

You see, if you were in this very moment at exactly this point where you decided to either use email marketing to promote your mlm opportunity or not, you would essentially feel this uncertainty – the uncertainty of simply not knowing whether you can do it. Now you do have 2 choices:

  1. You either let Fear take hold of you – and you would go down on the emotional scale to the level of Fear which is quite a bit away from Courage.
  2. Or you could start to affirm to yourself that you do value every click you receive, that you do create valuable results on a daily basis which allow you to learn more about doing email marketing.

What do you believe happens to you if you chose option number 1? Will you go and set up a squeeze page and buy some solo ads? I doubt it. But what do you believe you would do?

Then ask yourself this question: what would you do if you chose option 2 and started to affirm to you (and through this to your sub-conscious mind) that you value every click and that you create valuable results every day? What will happen? Would you go ahead and take the plunge?

I bet you would… But then again: you would need to love what you do and based on this, you created a Network Marketer Self Image that lets you feel happy when you do email marketing.

Can you follow this line of thought?

Does option 2 require you to have Courage? You bet it does! And you will feel this Courge if you chose option 2 and took action despite the fact that you essentially go into unchartered territory at this stage. But I can tell you that in time, you will also create Trust in your own ability to make it happen and all the sudden you climbed up this emotional scale to the next level.

So again: what do you believe will happen once you’ve created Trust in your own ability to make it happen? You will experience Optimism – because in time you will convert some Clickers into Buyers and as a result of that, you will have created some financial results.

That’s what I mean by knowing your Goal-Emotion; and that’s how you happily create the mlm success you are after.

So let's now move on to step number 6 in our manifestation process and that is how to design your life and your lifestyle.