Understand that your Thoughts are Real

It's the 1st step in the Manifestation Process

So what does this actually mean? I mean, we People don’t seem to doubt that we can think; or do you doubt that?
It’s a rhetorical question, I know. We all seem to have this clear and unshakable insight that we can think. We think all day long as a matter of fact and we think about things that annoy us, we think about things that please us and we think about things that we want and we do absolutely think about those things we definitely don’t want (anymore).

So I guess it comes naturally that we can agree on this fact that we all think – and it doesn’t even take that much effort to do this.

So why is it so important to clearly understand that our thoughts – your thoughts and my thoughts and everyone else’s thoughts – are real?
Well: let me answer this question as follows:

Have you heard of the expression ‘You are what you think about all day long’? Of course you have. Do you know what it means?

Let’s just say you go to work every working day. You drive there with a car and you usually get a bit annoyed by all those other inconsiderate drivers who just seem to be out there to block you off. And when you finally get to the workplace, you feel yourself lucky to get ‘your’ car park – you know, the one you usually use. But if that one is taken, it’s as if someone just took away one of your most precious possessions.

So you march into the office, all the way thinking ‘what else is coming my way today?’ and just right after to calmed down after all this drama so early in the morning, you get a call from a business partner, informing you that one of your business deals has changed – for the worse of course.

… and on the day goes…

Does this sound familiar? If it’s not your ‘daily routine’ then I’m sure you can use your imagination to find a story that just p..sses you off :-) or peeves you a bit…

Or let’s say that you’ve signed up for a pretty cool Network Marketing Opportunity. You go through the training material – just quickly – before you jump right into action. Let’s just say that you spend quite a bit of time on Facebook and there you chat with all sorts of people. They all seem to be nice, but push only their own mlm opportunity.

So you get a bit frustrated because you thought that all you had to do is chat with a couple of people and tell them that your opportunity is really cool and hot and new and so easy to sell… Yeah, right…

So you start to think that you were either taken for a ride or you are just not ‘made’ for this networking stuff.

Does this sound familiar to you? Again, if those are not 100% your thoughts, then use your imagination; I’m sure you do get the point I’m trying to make here.

But what do those 2 examples have to do with the understanding that all thoughts are real? In essence, thoughts create (real) experiences.

All Your Thoughts are Real Things

What is real? Your computer that screens this article is real, right? And the table that you are sitting at is real, right? And your house is real, right? And your bank account balance is real, right?

I’m with you. Those are all real things. So are your thoughts real, too? Of course they are. But are they things; I mean things like a house, a dog, a car, a …[fill in the blank].

Are your thoughts real? YES! They are. But we can’t see them. No, we can’t. But they are real nonetheless.

Let’s go quickly back to the car example – just to take an example of a real things. You can touch a car, can’t you? Of course you can. And you can see a car, with your eyes. And you can feel it, with your hands. And at times you can even smell it… when you’ve driven it for a time. And there is no question that you can hear a car; they do come with a ‘natural’ noise :-)

Do you have all those experiences with your thoughts, too? I doubt that.

You see, we People seem to have a very clear understanding of the fact that we can THINK and we do think all day long, without problem, without the need to learn how to do that; we just think. But we never really seem to think about our thoughts; what they are, were they are coming from and where they are actually going, once we thought them.

You see, if you hop into a car and drive from A to B, it’s clear that you are moving, it’s clear that the interior of your car is moving and it’s clear that the car itself is moving. It’s just simple logic, right. So what happens when you think?

If thoughts are real (like a car), then they have to come from somewhere and they have a specific purpose and they go somewhere, right?
YES! They do. So where do thoughts come from? Have a look at this image here:


Understand that all thoughts are real and they create an electro-magnetic wave that goes out into the universe where they effect other people. so it's important to learn how you can control them and focos on those things you want to experience.

You see, I believe that our thoughts come from an omnipresent field which I like to refer to as the Divine Matrix. Other people refer to it as the Ether or the Source or Consciousness and other people refer to it as God. As mentioned, I like the term Divine Matrix.

It’s from this energy field, of which we receive electro-magnetic energy-waves which our brain can interpret as ideas. And it’s in those moments when we have an idea that we’ve downloaded (so to say) a specific energy-wave off this field.

Sounds crazy, right? :-) I know :-) I couldn’t believe it either – at the beginning. But it’s the truth nonetheless.

So let's continue: now that you have ‘downloaded’ this idea from the Divine Matrix, what do you do with this energy? You see in the middle of this image a person surrounded by another smaller field. That’s actually an image of the electro-magnetic field every single one of us creates all day long. Did you know that? Through your heart beat, you create an electro-magnetic field that surrounds you and this field goes out into the Universe – or let’s continue to call it the Divine Matrix. And from there, other people can ‘download’ ideas – and on it goes.

BTW: this image of our electro-magnetic field that we create is copyrighted by the HeartMath Institute. You find more information about them right here on their website.

Right – interesting, wouldn’t you say? I bet you’ve never really thought about your thoughts this way. So what do you actually do as soon as you get an idea? Essentially, you add an emotion. Something like excitement, or joy, or frustration, or anger, or even fear, or love, or compassion.

Now this added emotion does 1 very important thing to you: it changes the electro-magnetic field that surrounds you. You see, an electro-magnetic field is nothing else than a specific energy-form. And energy is a form of matter and all matter vibrates.

Yes, we still can’t see this vibrating energy-form that comes from you, BUT: you do in fact feel it! You can feel emotions, can’t you? You can tell when you are peeved off, or when you are in love or ecstatic or just simply happy. And this feeling is at the end of the day created by thoughts and your thoughts alone!

So: tell me: do you start to understand why I say it’s important to have this clear understanding that your thoughts are all real?
Essentially, you do create your success – whether that is mlm success or business success in general or success in relationships, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that You, and You alone through your thoughts, you create success. So in my view, to understand this, that’s the first step to mlm success.

Right: your thoughts are real things. And thoughts create your reality. So it does make sense to want to have an active part in this creative process, wouldn't you say. So let's move on to the 2nd step of this manifestation process and how to control your thoughts for mlm success.