empowering self image

This is how you develop your own MLM success magnet

The development of a positive self image is the 4th step in the manifestation process of your mlm success. So: why is it important to have such an image of yourself? And why is this self image the magnet for your mlm success?
Let me talk you through step-by-step again and I would like to do that with the help of this image below:

image of the mind and support as to how to develop an empowering image of yourself

I’ve already introduced you to this image in my article on how to set goals and achieve them; I pointed out in this article that you need to embrace the fact that you do have 2 parts of your mind: the conscious and sub-conscious mind.
Today, I would like to use this image to help you understand why it’s so important to develop and maintain such a positive self image.

The Picture of Yourself is 'Stored' in Your Sub-Conscious Mind

Bob Proctor, who shared this image in his training ‘Your Were Born Rich’ (you find it for free on YouTube) places the self image in the sub-conscious mind.

At first, as I saw this image of our minds, I thought he must be wrong: my self image is definitely in my conscious mind. I mean, I know who I am and I know what I can do and I know what I want – so my self Image HAS TO BE in my conscious mind.

And that believe is exactly the stumbling block that might hold you back from your network marketing success. You see, we all seem to know that we People are creatures of habit. We do behave mainly through our learned and conditioned habits: from the way we get out of bed in the morning, to the way we drink our coffees, to the way we dress and speak and drive a car.

But habits are not only limited to ‘physical’ action – we tend to believe that habits only cover this area. We do also think habitually, we use habitual words to describe what we want and see and feel. And it’s mainly those habitual thinking patterns that govern our lives to about 95%.

It’s kind of scary if you think about this! We seem to be fooled into believing that we are 100% in charge of how we think and act, but yet, our routine reactions, routine thinking, routine speaking and acting is to the majority ruled by our sub-conscious mind.

You see, the self image is our own image that we hold of ourselves. Now you might think that you are your biggest and most committed fan you have. And that is exactly how it is supposed to be, BUT…

… how often do you tell yourself something like ‘you idiot, you should have known this’ or ‘keep dreaming; this goal is just too far out there’ or ‘I just can’t do this’ or ‘I’m not successful, so how can I convince others to join my mlm team?’ or… [just fill in your own limiting thoughts about yourself].

You see, those limiting thoughts you undoubtedly have (I had them and I’m still working on the rest to change them into supporting and empowering thoughts), they reflect what you deep inside your sub-conscious mind BELIEVE who you are; in other words, those limiting thoughts are part of your self image.

Fascinating, don’t you think?

Tell me: let’s take 1 example of limiting thoughts – let’s say ‘I’m just not good at recruiting’. What do you believe this limiting thought does to you?

  • It re-affirms your sub-conscious mind that you are just not good at recruiting
  • And your sub-conscious mind believes every single word you affirm to her/him.
  • Your sub-conscious mind creates a specific vibration for you, in this example a vibration of doubt, scepticism and maybe even fear.
  • This vibration of You (and you can’t really feel this vibration) is sent out into the Divine Matrix through every single Heartbeat. And you do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year and year in and year out.

So: tell me now please: what do you think is the result of this vibration that is based on the limiting belief ‘I’m just not good at recruiting’? The result is most likely not a growth rate of 75% a year or you won’t get many people to join you, let alone even have a look at your mlm opportunity.

Can you see that?

And that’s why I say, the 4th step to manifest the mlm success you desire is to develop a positive self image.

Look: honestly, what I found out is that the definition of your new and supportive image of yourself is in fact ‘only’ the end-result of an entire different decision you make. Really! And the decision you have to make, is the following: what do you believe does make you happy everytime you do it? Or let me re-phrase this question and only point it to your network marketing activities:

which traffic generation method is the one that you really, really, really like doing?

You see, depending on your answer, you will absolutely LOVE to write emails or chat with people on social media or learn whatever you can and have to learn about network marketing so that you can pass on your insights or create videos about whatever you believe is worth sharing or draw images or… did I leave out any of the main-stream traffic generation methods? :-)

Just think about it for a moment: if you really love doing something, it does create a certain happy-feeling inside of you, doesn’t it? And it’s this happy-feeling that drives you and lets you experience a certain level of assurance that you do get closer to your goal every single day and through this reassured-getting-closer-feeling, you will tell yourself a completely different story every day.

Would you agree? Just think about it!

Tell me: what is your self talk anyway? You see, for me it’s nothing else than continuous affirmations of who you believe You are. And I firmly believe if you do something that you really like (or love) doing, then this does make you happy and if you are happy, your self talk changes into a happy-talk and happy-talk is an expression of a positive self image!

Right. Ok… what do you do next; now that you know you need to find your preferred traffic generation method? Well: I might have a solution for you. You see, I’ve been doing stuff in this network and online marketing market for several years now and I’ve tried a few traffic generation methods. And I came to the exact same place where you must be right now and that is to ask this question ‘what is it that I truly love doing?’

Need to support to answer that question? Then hop over to my page right here - I know you are going to love this input there!

In any event, I believe that you can now appreciate why it’s so important to have an empowering image of yourself. So do yourself a favour and develop one!

Ok: let's move on to the 5th step of the manifestation process which offers a guideline as to how to be more happy and create mlm success.