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on how to create your own Network Marketing Business Plan - Easily

I am super thrilled to share with you this 12th step of the process on how to train your mind for mlm success and this 12th step is all about taking physical action.

But before we dive into all the action (and the fun) I want to share with you why I believe it's essential that you do create an implementation plan that guides you to your mlm success.

So: right now you might have 2 question limiting your attention to this very interesting 12th step; and those 2 questions would be:

  • Why did you write ‘physical action’… is there any other action I need to consider? Yes, there is: if you want to re-read the 11th step of the manifestation process, you will realize that I believe you need not only take action, but the right kind of action. And in order to do that, (I believe) you need to develop good habits. And those good habits include not only physical action habits, but also thinking and feeling habits. Click here to re-read how to develop good habits now.
  •  I thought we talk about action in this article… why do I need a network marketing business plan for this…? Planning is not Action…

Well: I disagree! Have you ever heard of the expression that there is nothing more practical than a good plan? :-) For me, taking the right kind of action is the core of every mlm success. So a network marketing business plan puts all your planned tasks into 1 document or 1 place to which you can go back to from time to time and remind yourself of your goal, why you are doing it and how you plan to get there.

But then again: I do understand that the mere word ‘business plan’ can create some sort of rash – or at least a huge resistance, because the task of putting together a business plan seems overwhelming. And as a consequence, many Network Marketers ‘jump over’ this step and dive right into action… meaning sharing their sign up link with whomever they can find.

So: Some people find it not so easy to come up with their right number - their financial goal - and they even get a rash by the simple workd 'Network Marketing Business Plan'. But I find it so very important that you can define your financial goal, so that I've decided to make little training video about it.

You can download this Excel Sheet Template right here and start defining your financial goal today.

You might want to watch my training againd and again to have a step by step guide on how to come up with your 'right' number. And hey: knowing your financal goal is the core of every Network Marketing Business Plan - if you know your financial goal, you can then define how many recruits or referrals you are going to need to reach your goal. And this step is all about action! 

Right: now you know your financial number. This is as said a very important part of your Network Marketing Business Plan. Now you are ready to take the next step and that is go and connect with people - we also call those people leads. But where do you find them? And what do you say to them? And do you need to do everything yourself or is there a chance that you can automate this process?

Questions over questions... and they are all valid. So let's move on to the next step which is all about how to build your team, your MLM downline, how to recruit people into your online business.