Network Marketing Books

Is there one that teaches you everything?

Let me ask you something: what is it that you expect to find in Network Marketing Books? How Network Marketing works? How to find the right Network Marketing Opportunity? How to choose the right Network Marketing Sponsor? How to recruit Team Members into your Network Marketing Team?

I guess it would be all of the above - so in essence: you want to find and go through the best Network Marketing resources there are so that you learn everything that your Network Marketing Sponsor can't or won't teach you.

So besides the examples I mentioned above, what else is it that you want or should learn? It's not a question that you might have asked, is it? After all, this last question did probably make you feel as if you miss something; something crucial to your Network Marketing Success but you can't put your finger on it - you just don't know what else there could be that you want or should learn.

So let me put you out of your misery :-) but before I do that, I would quickly like to introduce myself and share with you why I believe I know what you most likely should learn to create your Network Marketing success.

My name is Yasmine and my educational background is Business Administration. I studied this subject for 6 years and put it into practice through defining and implementing 4 Business Plans - and one of them is my Online Business which I run with a Network Marketing Business Model. I also run an offline company quite successfully together with my husband.

So I guess it's fair to say that I know a little bit about how to build up and run a successful On- or Offline Business. So you might now think that with my background it wouldn't really be a huge challenge to build up an Online Business using Network Marketing as the Business Model. And that was my thought, too - at the time as I started with it. But my experience - or my Network Marketing Success - was quite a different story...

Business Administration and Network Marketing don't really seem to 'belong together'

... at least this is my experience. I don't know about you, but my experience included things like this:

  • just sign up with me and I teach you everything I know - and then I learn that I have to buy a domain, some hosting, get an email autoresponder account and 'just' write some compelling emails to people and they will sign up, too.
    • what do I write about in those emails...? Details about the compensation plan? Don't we all know that People join People and not compensation plans? Well then make yourself special and interesting... Ok: what would you consider interesting? Teach them how to drive traffic to their opt-in page and then tell them everything there is not know about your Network Marketing Opportunity.
  • just sign up with me and I teach you everything I know - and then I learn about how to chat with People on Facebook and Twitter and Google+. Just tell people a story they want to hear.
    • Ok: which story should I tell? The right one. Ok: where do I get those stories from? From our Team. Well: if you have the wrong Network Marketing Sponsor, he/she will not help you in finding those stories you need. Which leaves you with the question: what do I tell people, how do I chat with them if I don't have access to success stories yet?
  • just sign up with me and I do, tell, share... everything you need...
    • ... and you won't even get an answer to your emails or skype calls.

Sounds familiar? If you don't find 'your' experience up there, I'm sure you can relate anyway. So what do those answers or promises create? Frustration and disappointment, right?

Network Marketing Books or Guides to MLM Success. you need to know what you are looking for so that you can find it.

And this in turn leads to expressions just like those ones: I can't get any help, all good Network Marketing people are gone, it will take forever, etc.

But what you most likely want to find out is how you get on this ladder to the upper part where this brilliant idea waits. I know that because I have been looking for it for quite some time myself - and no, my background in Business Administration did not really offer me THE clue. But what I can tell you now is that I've found a way - by putting together my knowledge about Business Administration and some insights I've learned from None-Network Marketing Books.

You see, what I found out is the following: every business - on- or offline - consists of 4 main areas. Those areas are: your Business Side, your Information Technology (IT) Side, your Network Side and the one part that combines them all.

Network Marketing Online Business Setup. there are 3 areas that you need to know of to create the success you want.

And it's this combination of those 4 areas and their set up that makes or breaks your MLM Success - at least this is my opinion. But your Sponsor most likely didn't tell you that. Most likely, your Sponsor 'just' wanted to have you in his/her team and then shared with you their preferred traffic generation method.

And that's exactly what I believe is not the most success-inducing approach. And I bet that this success-inducing approach is exactly what you hoped you would find in one of those Network Marketing Books :-)

But then again: now that you know that you have to find the best combination of those 4 areas, are you now in a position to go and find all the answers you need to build up your own Network Marketing Business? Maybe, and maybe not. Which one is it? Are you still looking for some answers that fill in the gaps?

I guess, at the end of the day, Network Marketing or generally speaking, running your Online Business (like so many adventures) depend on your own personality and you basically define that through your Mindset. For me, that's the starting point. So I strongly suggest you learn how to set up the right Success-Mindset and in my opinion you do that by reading a lot of None-Network Marketing Books.

Don't know which ones to read? Get in touch with me and I put you into the right direction :-)