control Your Thoughts for MLM success

It's the 2nd step in the Manifestation Process

In the first step of our manifestation process, I’ve discussed that your thoughts are real things. And as a conclusion of this revelation, I assume that you do have a certain interest in learning more about mind control so that you can ‘make them’ create the result you want.

The task of controlling your thoughts seem to be quite a challenge, wouldn’t you say? And if you’ve never trained your mind to concentrate on what you are thinking, then this challenges seems too big to overcome.

But let me put your mind at ease. You see, even if you do right now believe that your mind can’t be controlled – and through this fact, your thoughts can’t be controlled either – you can actually learn to manage your mind. And this skill is learned like every other skill you don’t yet master.

So let me build a starting point for our discussion. Let me assume that your mind is working on its own terms :-): thinking whatever she/he wants to think and your experience would be something like that:

BLING: what does she mean? BLING: I still need to go shopping. BLING: can’t he just be a little bit more considerate? BLING: I wonder if it’s going to rain later on today. BLING: I need to complete this task, but I really don’t want to. BLING: I now concentrate on this article here… BLING… BLING… BLING… :-)

Can you follow this example? I’m sure you can. It was the experience I had at the time, too – so don’t you believe that your mind is the only one working on her/his own terms.

But here is the answer to this dilema: You train her/him 1 step at the time: you start small or slow and keep increasing your power of concentration. That’s it basically. It’s a real process and it will take you weeks or even months until you get the impression that you can truly control what you are thinking.

And here is why that is: so far, you did let your mind think whatever she/he wanted to think. You (most likely) were never told that you can in fact control your thinking and since no one ever told you that, you thought that it would be normal to live at the mercy of your mind.

But you can absolutely learn to control your mind and its activities and you do that similar to putting together a workout regime for your body.

You see, if you haven’t worked out for quite some time, your body would be completely out of shape. You would tire very quickly and at the beginning of the workout, you would breathe like there wouldn’t be enough air in the room or in the atmosphere in general. That’s only at the beginning. And because the beginning is so extremely challenging, many people give up or don’t even start trying.

It’s the same principal with your mind. At the beginning, when you start out to train your mind and you start to control your thoughts, it is really, really difficult to do that! Absolutely! It’s a challenge because your mind has created habit-thinking-patterns (something like thinking-roads where your thoughts travel on) and like any other habit, to retrain and create a new habit, you first have to stop using the old one.

So like your physical workout regime, where you start small – maybe for 15 minutes a day, walking briskly – you do increase the workout activity in time, like walking briskly for 30 minutes after 2 weeks. Can you follow this example?

Simple Sart on how to Control your Thinking

So if you want to control your thoughts, you also need to start small and use your willpower to stop thinking uncontrollably. And how do you do that? By concentrating for let’s say 15 minutes a day on only 3 or 4 very simple single words. Words like Health, Wealth, Success, Happiness.

mind control for network marketing success. our thoughts create reality and through simple words we can gain control over our thinking processes. 

That’s all? Is this the way to control your thoughts? This sounds too easy…

Well: tell me: is getting in shape a REALLY difficult task to do? Is eating healthy every day a REALLY difficult task to do? Is being respectful and polite to other people a REALLY difficult task to do?

No, of course not! All those tasks are relatively easy, but it takes an effort to BE polite, to BE healthy and in shape and it also takes an effort to start concentrating and directing your thoughts into a direction you want them to go. That’s the entire secret to how to control your thoughts.

It’s doesn’t take a Master’s Degree in which ever field and you don’t have to have a Doctor’s Degree either. You don’t even need another person to help you with it – even though it might be helpful if you had a trusted companion at your side who can gently remind you to concentrate if it becomes obvious that your thoughts ‘take off’ again.

But other than that, you have everything you need RIGHT NOW to control your thoughts from now on. All it takes is that you make a decision to control them now and you start with 15 minutes a day where you do actively and consciously think - meaning holding those simple single words in your mind.

And here is what’s going to happen to you: after a while – and I really can’t say when that will be – you will starting thinking something along those lines: what does Success mean to me? What exactly is Happiness? When am I wealthy; I mean which account balance has to exist so that I call myself wealthy?

If you get those questions after you’ve concentrated on those simple single words, then you are ready to take it to the next level. And your next level is step 3 in the manifestation process and this step 3 is all about how to set goals and achieve them in your network marketing online business.