use your Mind's Eye

and how to apply an open mind to mlm success

Welcome to the 8th step of the manifestation process of your network marketing success and it’s all about how to be open minded for your mlm success. This 8th step is closely related to the 7th step through which you defined your goal card. So if you haven’t already completed your goal cards, then I invite you to do this step first.

Right. As mentioned, do should have your goal card handy. Just take it out of your pocket or purse and put it in front of you. Don’t worry about other people – you do this 8th step for your benefit, not theirs :-)

Ok. What do you see on your goal card? Is it a nice picture? Is it lovely? It’s your goal :-)

How do you feel when you look at your goal card?

Let me share with you how I feel when I do exactly that: I usually start to smile. I LIKE what I see there. I get the feeling of accomplishment, a feeling of ‘I’ve done it!’ I know that I added a lot of value to other people’s lives and this accomplishment is just priceless!

It motivates me to write more articles, research more details of what I wish to share with you people and I want to get clearer in what I say and write and how I convey my convictions.

I just feel this inner, unshakable knowing that what I see on this goal card is mine; I see what’s in the making and on its way into my physical live. And this belief gives me a security that what I do right now, is the way to go – otherwise I would not feel the inspiration to write this article.

So again: how do you feel when you look at your goal card? Do you share my conviction? Or did you just think that you are not yet there where I am…? :-) Don’t stress out about it if this was the case. You’ve just started your manifestation process and you’ve just created your very own shortcut to your mlm success.

You see, you need to look at your goal card or vision card every day. If you do this, your mind will get used to seeing what you’ve put on this goal card. And if you train your mind to get accustomed to your vision, you do open the doors of your sub-conscious mind to receive ideas.

a concentrated mind takes you to your mlm success

So for how long are you going to look at your goal card? Do you have an idea about that? Well, let me offer a suggestion if you don’t yet have your answer to that question. Look at your goal cards or card as often as you can. You might want to take a picture of your card and store it in your Smart Phone so that you can look at it without drawing any unnecessary questions to you…

As said, look at your vision card as often as you can, at least twice a day though. Then I suggest you tell yourself a little story about your goal: how did you create your success? What did you do?

  • It all started with searching the Internet for how to manifest mlm success (for example)
  • Then I found a great website
  • I read the articles
  • I read a couple of books
  • I bought some online services that I found useful
  • I decided what I want to have and put it on this vision card
  • Then I promoted my network marketing opportunity through tasks I really like doing
  • … and voila: here is my result :-)

Can you follow this thought?

Now tell me: what was your reaction to this suggestion? Did you still react like ‘why would THAT work?’ If yes, don’t worry… It’s all good. You’ve just started the process, right. Just bear in mind that your mind still listens to your Ego and your Ego does not have any reference to your goal that you see realized on your goal card. So your Ego now throws in all questions and doubt-inducing ideas that it knows about so that you don’t get out of your comfort zone; your Ego believes that your comfort zone is so very much better that your goal…

So the decision is yours: do you want to keep listening to your Ego and stay where you are or are you using a little bit of willpower and start to retrain your mind by looking at your goal card every day and tell yourself your success story?

You see, this 8th step of the manifestation process is in fact the 8th step of how to train your mind for success. So there HAS TO BE some sort of change to your original behaviour and the actions you take. Otherwise, you will not change anything… does make sense, right?

And believe me if I share with you that if you follow this simple task and do it every day, your mind WILL be retrained and you WILL feel the need to do something and you WILL create results. And there is 1 more thing that WILL happen: your mind will create new ideas that you have not yet thought of. If those ideas come to you – you know, while you watch (mindlessly) TV, take a shower, drive your car, basically at any time when you relax and feel safe – do yourself a favour and take note of them and include those ideas into your action plan. Your mind offers you in those moments a free gift and you should really accept them!

You don't believe that this works? Ok :-) then don't take my word for it... give it a try!

So again: how do you use your mind's eye to train your sub-conscious mind for mlm success: by knowing what you want, put your vision on a goal card, look at your card every day and tell yourself a little success story.

Have fun with this 8th step or your manifestation process. Your next step is all about learning you do apply the law of attraction to attract the financial goal to you.