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How to set your goal for your Online Business

Im super-thrilled that you came to learn more about goal definition for your network marketing online business. Setting goals is a really important step in your manifestation process of your mlm success.

So far we’ve covered the truth about your thoughts and the fact that your thoughts are real. So it does at this stage make real sense to define an easy to follow how-to guide through which you learn how to focus your thoughts on your network marketing goals.

In essence, what you will find out today is that it’s actually quite simple to direct your thoughts towards your network marketing goals.
Let me talk you through what happens inside your mind once you’ve found your own way to concentrate your thoughts onto your mlm goals.

Let’s assume that you really, truly, honestly and whole-heartedly want to create an additional monthly income of $1500 – it’s just an example. What’s your initial thought about this goal? I bet it would be something like ‘what do I have to do to get it?’ or ‘Can you show me exactly how this is done?’ or ‘Is it easy to do and do you know a shortcut?’ – or something like it…

What those initial questions would essentially answer is the way you need to drive traffic to your sign up page or in other words what you would need to do in order to get people to sign up for your mlm team, right? Can you see that?

What those questions also do, is getting your mind to focus on the fact that you are 100% aware that you DO NOT YET HAVE those $1500 per month. In other words, you do focus on the lack of your mlm success right at this very moment. Can you see that, too?

Let me rephrase this last statement I just made: if you KNEW already HOW you created a $1500 additional monthly income, you would not ASK those questions, right? Of course not…

So what exactly happens inside your mind when you focus on the lack of your mlm success? You basically set goals with a negative emotional connection attached to them – and you really don’t want to do that because – as we all know – the law of attraction always brings to you more of the same what you are already attracting. So it does make sense to define some positive goals, wouldn’t you say?

So here is how you set goals and achieve them in your network marketing online business:

You focus on the realized goal and you imagine yourself feeling as if you’ve already made this $1500 monthly income. That’s it really :-)

Now I know it sounds too easy and maybe you even question the sanity of this statement. But let me tell you one thing: for as long as you don’t understand WHY you need to see and feel yourself as if you’ve already achieved your goal, you will in fact have a very hard time implementing this solution and through this, achieve your goals.

So let me talk you through what’s going to happen to your mind if you were to see and feel yourself as if you’ve already achieved your goal.
Have a look at this image below. I borrowed it from Bob Proctor and his extra-ordinary training called ‘You Were Born Rich’.

image of the mind - goal setting for your network marketing online business 

What you see is that your mind is divided into 2 parts: your conscious mind and your sub-conscious mind. You think with your conscious mind, but you act mainly with and through your sub-conscious mind. And this means that if you ask questions like ‘what do I need to do to get $1500 more a month?’ then you basically ASK this question through your conscious mind, but with a firm believe that you don’t yet KNOW how to do that and based on this BELIEF, your sub-conscious mind gets you to ACT accordingly – and that is NOT KNOWING how it’s done.

So for as long as you keep asking ‘how do I do that?’ you basically re-affirm to your sub-conscious mind that you don’t have a clue how to get there and as a consequence, you will never achieve your goals. It’s that simple.

So let’s turn this image round. What happens if you visualize yourself already having achieved your goal; what do you think happens inside your mind?
Well: through your conscious mind, you use your higher faculty ‘Imagination’ and you create a mental image of yourself ‘seeing’ that you’ve already received this goal. You could for example see that your bank account has a credit entry of $1500 or you could for example see yourself opening an envelope and take out the check sent from your mlm company; see that this check has your name on it and that it is written in the amount of $1500. Then maybe add the imagination of going to the bank and handing over your check, while the Teller Clark asks you ‘I see that you are successful with your mlm opportunity; how did you do that?’ and you do of course very joyfully and proudly explain what you’ve done.

You see, this entire process might seem as if you played a little trick on your mind – and as a matter of fact, you do. But it’s a lovely trick; you don’t harm yourself or anyone else through enjoying the experience of having success with your network marketing online business.

And as I’ve explained before, it’s not your conscious mind that creates the success you want; it’s your sub-conscious mind that creates the success-vibration and through this success-vibration, you get to take the right kind of action and create the right kind of success.

Maybe you can now also start to understand why I those goal setting activities are 'only' the 3rd step of the manifestation process. Because my experience taught me that if you can’t (yet) embrace the fact that your thoughts are real, you might have a hard time believing that this process I’ve just described is a workable process.

You see, I believe that you need to understand that your mind has this conscious and sub-conscious part and I firmly believe that you need to embrace the truth that it’s your sub-conscious mind that guides you to the right places, to sign up for the right mlm opportunity, to find the right sponsor and to take the right kind of traffic generation action.

Let me share with you a little story…

You see, I studied Business Administration and I also hold a Master’s Degree in Business Engineering. I also own together with my husband an offline company here in New Zealand. So based on this fact, you would say that I know a fair bit about how to manage a business and as a matter of fact, I believed it, too.
But as I started with my mlm journey, I struggled. I could not find the right people, I couldn’t find the right way to drive traffic. Everything seemed to ‘run away’ from me instead of getting closer to me. It was very frustrating.

Then there came a moment, when I just stopped everything I did for my network marketing online business and I literally went back to the drawing board. I took a long and honest look at me; who I was at the time, what I was thinking all day long, what kind of attitude I had towards my mlm success and life in general. And what I saw did not thrill me at all…

Now I spare you the details of what exactly that it is I realized at that moment, but what I do want to share with you now is that I realized that I was in fact a very negative, bitter, angry and frustrated person who blamed everyone and everything for my lack of success.

Tell me something: do you believe that an angry person can inspire others to build up an online business? Of course not! Who wants to join an angry sponsor? No one.

And tell me one other thing: if such an angry and frustrated person wants something (like $1500 a month), do you believe that providing added value is the first thought? Not likely… I can honestly tell you that it wasn’t my first thought. I was nearly obsessed with sharing my link and getting nearly everyone who ‘volunteered’ to have a look at what my mlm opportunity has to offer.

Now that I look back, I can also honestly say that I have to laugh a bit… What was I thinking…? :-)

You see, I thought at the time that my conscious mind (or in other words my intellect) would open all the necessary doors for me. But I had to realize that this was not true. I had to get to a very frustrated stage to stop this nonsense so that I could change my attitude.

I'm so glad this phase is over and I truly want you to create yourself a success-mindset. So let me quickly summarize this goal setting process for you:

  • Define which financial goal you want to achieve. Be as clear as possible. Defining that you ‘just want to have more’ is not good enough.
  • Embrace the truth that your mind has 2 parts: a conscious mind and a sub-conscious mind.
  • Take some time to create in your imagination a lovely scenario where you play the lead role. See yourself as this successful network marketer who realized his/her goal. Come up with a believable story about how you would act as if you had your financial goal reached.
  • See yourself in your imagination every day and tell yourself your success story. That’s how you plant the goal into your sub-conscious mind.
  • Become or stay open minded for incoming ideas. Remember: your thoughts are real!

And then: have fun with working towards your goals. If you need some more input as to how you create your financial goal, get in touch with me!

That’s the easiest solution I know on how to set goals and achieve them in your network marketing online business. The next step in the manifestation process is to develop a positive self image that supports your network marketing success.