how to start building your mlm downline

Think first, then decide, then Plan and then Do.

In this 13th step of the manifestation process, it's all about getting things done. But as you can read in the headline, the 'doing' should be planned, decided upon and then put into action - this is how you build up your network marketing business.

I know, it's very tempting to just jump into action and let the World know that you are so excited about this MLM opportunity you've just joined - assuming that you did just join a new company. But I think, if you are reading this article, then you are searching for ways to build your mlm downline - and if you knew how to start doing this, then you wouldn't be reading my article.

how to start building your mlm downline

So: having clarified my view on who you are, let me emphasize why I believe that you first have to think, then decide, then plan and lastly do.

You see, my experience taught me that if you are not 100% convinced that your current mlm opportunity is in fact the one that will bring you all the riches in the World, your future mlm downline members will feel this. They will 'get the message' that you 'just' want to have them in your team so that you make some money.

Don't get me wrong, at the end of the day, joining a Network Marketing Opportunity is all about building up your online business and the goal is clearly to earn money with it, but money shouldn't really be your only goal. As said, your future mlm downline members will feel this - and not join.

So: where do you start? By knowing - for 100%, or even better 1'000% :-) - that your current network marketing opportunity is the right one for you. As said, you first have to think and then decide and you are the only person who can confidently say that the product or service you are recommending to everyone is something you are proud of doing.

You see, I strongly believe that if you can say out loud 'I am a proud Product of the Product' then you are connected to the right mlm opportunity. If however you have the slightest doubt in your heart, hear my honest advice and move on to a mlm company that let's you feel proud.

Let me share with you my experience on this very subject. I was once involved in a network marketing opportunity that was all about online entertainment. It was a wonderful opportunity and I joined right at launch which made it very easy for me to talk to other network marketers - because all things new are VERY interesting. This wonderful opportunity targeted a HUGE market and I felt as if I just hit my personal jackpot.

But somehow - deep inside my heart of Hearts - I knew that talking about this opportunity does hold some challenges for me. You see, I would never have used any of those online entertainment products and services. Those products were (yes, the company doesn't exist it its form anymore...) professionally defined and offered, but it was just not me to use them. I don't like to spend my time playing online games with others and I don't like to bet - but I decided to promote this mlm opportunity because the business plan fascinated me.

So: at the end of the day, I did my share of promotion but without being the product of the Product. Did I make money with it? Yes... but not as I expected. Was it work to get people to sign up? You bet it was! Was I terribly unhappy as this very online entertainment company changed its business plan? No, not really. You see, somehow I knew that this opportunity was not the right one for me and as soon as they changed, I had my perfect reason to move on.

Now, I'm promoting products that are 10'000% close to my heart - you know what I mean. Now, I'm really proud to say 'I am a product of the Product' because I use those products - daily - and this pride makes recommending the products so much easier.

Right: as said, Think before you Decide, then Plan.

How to plan your HOW to build your downline

It might be a confusing suggestion that I want you to plan your HOW. But it's not confusing at all; just sounds like it. Here is how you plan your HOW.

Basically, what you need to do is go through my 14 steps manifestation process. Yes, this is no joke, but my honest opinion. Right now, you are on step 13. So I guess there are only 2 ways you could have ended up here: either you started with step 1 and worked your way through to this step or you jumped right into this step because you (desperately) want to create you mlm success.

Which ever way it is, I strongly believe that you need to know WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY while you talk or chat or write to other people. You see, besides the fact that you need to be a product of the Product, you should ENJOY what you do. And there are so many options available to build up your mlm downline.

Did I now confuse you? I apologies! So let me give you an easy way out of this confusion. I developed 3 Network Marketer Models; I used my experience and put everything I know into those 3 models. Those models describe You as a Network Marketer; remember step 4 of this very manifestation process was to decide Who you want to be as Network Marketer.

You see, as soon as you know that you want to be an eMail Network Marketer because you don't really want to 'hand-hold' your team members, but you excel in writing compelling emails and articles that you can share with your team, then this is what makes you happy and then this is what you should do.

If however you want to be a Team-Builder and you just love to chat with others and help them to reach their goals, then this is your HOW - can you start to understand that?

You see, your preferred traffic generation method is your HOW. I believe that only if you are happy with a specific way of interacting with your future mlm downline members, you WILL actually do the work that is necessary. If you can't stand it to use Social Media for attracting new people into your team, you will hate it and not do it and then you end up on pages just like this one to search for YOUR way - YOUR HOW that takes you there!

So: let's assume you've gone through my 14 step manifestation process and you do know which kind of Network Marketer you want to be, then your next step is to set your goal, define how much time you have available to do the work. Basically, what you need next is a Network Marketing Business Plan.

And as soon as you have that, you are good to go and start building your mlm downline!