vision Cards

How to Use them to effectively manifest your Goal setting activities

Vision Cards - they are in fact a very effective way to manifest your goal setting activities and they are the 7th step of the manifestation process. Let's look at what you need to know about Goal or Vision Boards.

Let’s face it: some of us think that writing down your goal onto a vision card (and that is not to say on a business-card-size thing…) is just plain nonsense (not to say ridiculous…). Why would THAT make a difference? After all, paper has patience, right :-) So it doesn’t really matter what you write down on such a card – all that matters is that you take action!

Ok – I hear you and I don’t disagree! All I’m saying is that taking action and taking action are not really one and the same thing. You see, for me – and I’m now talking with my business administration hat on – for me it’s all about effectiveness first; efficiency always comes later.

So what does this mean and what has effectiveness and efficiency to do with goal cards and your goal setting activities? Well: if you are a regular reader of my articles, then you do know that I love management summaries (amongst many other things… but those are beside the point right now :-) ). And the management summary to your question ‘what has all this to do with vision cards and goal setting activities?’ is of course: EVERYTHING!

Let me explain. Have a look at this image below:

Goal Cards help you to manifest all your mlm Goal Setting Activities. they remind you about what you want to achieve and they make sure you get the right ideas to make it happen.

What do you see? You see some logos, right? And you see 2 images of a situation that you, too, might want to enjoy some time in your life, right?

What do those logos and images represent? Let me just share some possibilities:

The Apple Logo could represent being In – you know, owning one of those Smart Phones can make you feel as if you belonged to a special group of people. Can you relate to that? Yes? Great. No – wonderful, too. You see, I personally don’t want to own an Apple Smart Phone; I prefer an Android. So seeing this Apple Logo immediately connects me to my Android-Phone and how much I enjoy the easy use of it. Can you relate to that, too?

What else do we see: we see a Mercedes Logo. For me, this logo represents a really nice car. Beautiful to look at and very efficient, durable and with a lot of VIP treatment involved and they are safe. I also see a big price tag attached to it and I certainly see the pride and joy such a car can bring. My parents own a Mercedes and I still remember the smile on Dad’s face as he showed me his new toy.

Let’s look at the Nike Logo: what do you see? A T-Shirt? Some Sneakers? Or your favourite Basketball Player and the great time you had with your Son or Friend the last time the 2 of you enjoyed a live game in a city near you? What do you see?

Have you noticed that by simply looking at well-known logos, we people tend to recall memories and we don’t only see those memories in our mind’s eye, no, we also get to re-live the emotions that are attached to those images. Can you feel that?

Now let’s look at the 2 images – the image of the first class cabin of an A380 Airplane and the empty beach with exactly 2 chairs. Oh… what a treat! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was you and your partner sitting in those comfortable chairs? How would that make you feel?

I really don’t like to bring you back to your office (or where ever you are reading this article), but I want to ask you a question: I just took you on a journey to recall some memories and I pointed you to the fact that your memories also bring back emotions. Which meant that you could feel those emotions again; they were real!
And then I asked you to put yourself into the moment where you get to enjoy some first class treatment. I asked you to imagine how that would feel.

So tell me: were was or is the difference? Do you believe that your recalled emotions are different to the ones you imaged?

The short management summary is of course: no, they are not different in the slightest bit! And THAT fact is the only point you need to understand when it comes to your goal setting activities or your goal cards.

You see, if you set yourself some goals or define your lifestyle, all you have to do is decide upon what you want to experience. Then put your goal-experience on those goal cards. You might also want to write down your goal-emotion that you want to feel when you look at your vision card so that you are reminded on what you want to experience when you look at it on a daily basis.

What do you believe will happen if you did just that? You know, if you found a nice image of a Mercedes car that you really liked and then you used Photoshop and put your face into this image. What would happen if you looked at this image every day?

  • You would see your face – meaning You – sitting in this lovely car
  • You might laugh at yourself - just make that I proud-owner laugh...
  • You might say ‘that’s not real’ – and with that your goal will NEVER be reached…
  • You would image how the wind would feel like on your face while you drive in it
  • You could see your partner’s face when you show off this precious new car
  • … [fill in the blank…]

Can you relate to this example? If not, find your own one. What I want you to understand right now is that through your goal card, you can in fact create exactly the same memory in your mind – as if it was real. Your mind doesn’t KNOW when you recall a ‘real’ (past) experience or an imagined one that you deliberately created.

Ok… I see, you need more input… No problem.

Let’s look at those logos again. Tell me: why do you recognize them in the first place? I mean, an Apple is an Apple. Why do you know that this Apple stands for a HUGE company that sells Smart Phones and other cool stuff?

Because you saw their commercials. You see their stores and the displayed logo. You see this thing on the back of some Computers and Tablets and of course on those Smart Phones. So it’s only natural that you (or should I say your mind) starts to connect IN TIME this Apple-Thing with Smart Phone and Tablet.
The same process applies for the Mercedes Logo and for Nike.

So why do you believe it would be any different for your goals? You see, what you basically do with your goal cards and all your goal setting activities is to create a smart marketing campaign that targets your own mind with the goal to ‘program’ it. And the program is to convince your sub-conscious mind that what you see in the image on your goal card is as real as other images you hold in your mind.

That’s what it is… Your goal cards are tools for your very own marketing campaign to seduce your sub-conscious mind to allow you to enjoy those things and experiences you portray on those goal cards.

I know how that sounds… :-) But in all honesty: what else is Marketing if not a smart campaign to get people to consume something? Why wouldn’t you use this trick deliberately to get your sub-conscious mind to come up with ideas as to how YOU can GET THOSE THINGS you decided to have?

So: what it is that you put on your goal cards? If you needed some inspiration as to how design your lifestyle, then follow this link :-)

Ok: are you ready for the next step? In step 8, you learn what you need to do with your goal card and how to be open minded for mlm success.