... and the law of attraction

Faith…? What has the law of attraction to do with Faith? And how does all of this fit into creating your mlm success?

I do understand that this connection might be r-e-a-l-l-y out there, but applying faith to your Head-Heart-Congruency (which I discussed in my last article) is the next step in our manifestation process.

So what is this 10th step all about? Let me share with you another image:

Firmly plant your new Self Image into your sub-conscious mind and your close the feedback loop to the conscious mind.

As mentioned in many of my other articles, I borrowed this image from Bob Proctor’s ‘You Were Born Rich’ and I added some information which I feel are needed to fully explain why I believe you should apply faith to the activation of the law of attraction.

So: let’s go back to the image. Here is what you see in a nutshell:
You see the 5 main input channels which we all use every day. Those input channels provide our minds with information which we process through thinking. Based on what you currently believe to be true about you and the World in general, this process of thinking creates a happy-feeling inside your heart or a not-so-happy-feeling. Based on how you feel, you emit an electro-magnetic wave or vibrational frequency which is understood by the universal law of attraction.
All this thinking and interpreting and feeling is mainly done sub-consciously. It goes really fast and at times, we seem to just ‘function’ without any conscious effort. And in there exactly lies the trick to activate the law of attraction and actually let it work WITH and FOR you – instead of against you (which it never really does anyway, but it can at times feel like that…).

So Faith comes into play as soon as you consciously ‘programed’ your sub-conscious mind to experience yourself and the World in a specific, success-inducing way. Faith in this sense, is an additional sense that you apply to interact with the law of attraction which itself works with and through an omnipresent field which I like to call The Divine Matrix.

There you have it :-)

Let me digest this explanation with you; it’s quite a mouthful, wouldn’t you say? :-)

Let’s start with some simple things. You see, the information you collect all day long through your 5 senses, is processed by your mind in a specific way. This specific way is individual to you and you alone. It is based on your Self Image and on your habits.

Now your Self Image is nothing else than the image you hold of yourself. You might believe that you are a good MLM Recruiter and if you truly believe this to be true, then it is. If however, you doubt that you are doing the right things while you try to recruit new team members, this doubt is also reflected in your Self Image and based on this, your actions might be hesitant. If you doubted that you can be as successful as your mlm sponsor, then you won’t most likely create the financial result you are after.

So it’s quite important to have the right Self Image. Right. Let’s move on to your habits.
You see, habits are not only tasks or actions you undertake every single day, you do also have habits of thinking and using information. Let me give you an example:

Let’s just say that your mlm sponsor wants you to follow him/her in promoting a network marketing opportunity through email marketing. Now there are many different things you will need to do, but I want to share with you just 1 simple example. Let’s say, you bought some traffic and had 100 people looking at your offer, but not 1 single person signed up. So, based on your habitual thinking, you do react differently to this result:

  • you can react negatively and claim that your sponsor just took you for a ride
  • or you can react negatively and blame yourself for not being able to follow simple instructions
  • or you can react more positively and know that it’s all a learning curve and you’ve just started with this adventure and you need to learn more details.

Can you follow this example?
What do you believe will happen to your mlm success if you reacted according to point 1? You blamed your sponsor… for what? For not having explained everything to you that you needed to know? Well, you see, if this would be your ‘excuse’ then you would have just activated another habit – the habit of believing that you can’t make it alone, that you need someone to show you the way.

Can you start to understand how important it is to have a clear understanding of who you want to be as a Network Marketer?
So let’s move on in the digestion of this image above. Let’s have another look:

who do you want to be as Network Marketer

Can you see the light blue arrow leading out of the Self Image star that is surrounded by the blue Habit-star? On this little arrow, it says ‘Faith closes the Feedback-Loop’.

Now this is my personal interpretation and it’s based on my own experience. You see, as soon as I knew WHO (Self Image) I wanted to be as a Network Marketer and Online Entrepreneur in general, I subsequently developed some habits and this combination created Faith – Faith in my own ability to make it happen, Faith in my conviction that if I followed my inner vision (my Self Image), that I would find the right people, write the right articles, recorded the right videos and found the right keywords and received as ‘reward’ the right income.

This is the Faith I’m talking about and that’s the Faith that is connected to the Law of Attraction.

Do you see the light blue arrow that leads from the results – it’s on the lower right and leads to the 5 main input channels? This arrow indicates that if you had Faith in your own inner vision (in your Self Image) that this Faith lets you take the right kind of action and the results that are created let you feel grateful and appreciative.

Now tell me something: if you had this inner conviction, this Faith that success is only a question of WHEN and not IF, if you had this, then wouldn’t you feel grateful for the results you created every day – even if those results were ‘only’ some click-throughs and list subscriptions, but no sign ups?

If you had this Faith, wouldn’t you be unimpressed by people who show you their income checks and try to lure you into their teams?
… now don’t get me wrong: there is nothing wrong with sharing success stories and proof of income is surely one of the most used tools in Network Marketing. All I’m saying is that if you were sure that you will make it, then all those wonderful success stories would not make you doubt your own approach, but make you even more convinced that one day, it will be YOU who is sharing them.

Does it get clearer why you should embrace both, faith and the law of attraction?

One very interesting question now remains and that is: which Network Marketer should you be? Which Network Marketing Self Image do you want to ‘implement’ into your life?

This question might be difficult to answer. Actually, I found it difficult to answer at the time when I started my mlm journey. So if you needed help with sorting it out for yourself, then get in touch with me or check out my online business right here

Whichever decision you make, for me, it’s clear that faith and the law of attraction go hand in hand and I’m sure that if you studied this subject to the extent I did, you would come to the same conclusion.

Ok: are you ready to move on to manifestation step number 11? Here you go to how to develop good habits.