does the law of attraction work?

and if yes, how can I use it to create my MLM And Online Success?

It’s a very interesting question: does the law of attraction work? This question implies that you – my dear reader – do not (yet) believe that it actually does. So let’s have a closer look at this very interesting question.

In short, what you need to know about this law of attraction is that it attracts ‘the same’. Which means that the law of attraction doesn't brings you opposites (or so it would seem). The Law of Attraction works on the basis that all things – events, people, circumstances, thoughts, ideas – that match YOU are attracted to you.

Right. Maybe you’ve heard this before and in fact, this definition says it all. But from my experience, if you haven’t really studied this law, this definition still triggers the question ‘what do you mean by 'things that match ME?' This definition doesn’t really give you an answer, right?

So let’s go deeper. Let’s have a really close look at this definition. The law of attraction works on the basis that like attracts like. So what is like? And most importantly what is like to you? Who defines what like is or in other words, what is the thing that measures if someone or something is like to you and for this reason attracted to you?

  • Is it what you say that attracts the things to you? To a certain extend it is.
  • Is it what you do that attracts the things you want? Again, to a certain extend it is.…

... to a certain extend. You see, the words you use all day long as nothing else than expressions of your thoughts. You first have to think before you speak, right? At least to a certain extend you would think before you open your mouth and blurt out your opinion or statements of truth :-) 

So again: words are ‘just’ extensions of your thoughts. And the majority of your thoughts come from your convictions on how results are created, how life is, how it is supposed to be. You see, we all live in our own ‘little bubble’ so to say. We all see the World through our eyes only. Now this means nothing else than you might perceive 1 specific situation as a positive one whilst I might perceive it as a very negative one.

It’s just how we perceive our World. And we perceive our World in our very own and unique way based on our convictions; based on our deepest beliefs and values. And it’s those beliefs and values that do in fact steer your thinking process and your thinking process triggers words to express your thoughts and it’s also your thinking process that triggers you to take specific action.

Ok. Great! Now you have another definition of the Law of Attraction. But I bet you would still ask the question ‘does this all attract to me what I want – I mean, if this is all true, then how does the law of attraction function and how can I make it get it to get me what I want?’ Let’s have a look at this image here:

Does the Law of Attraction work? the law bases on the vibration you offer all day long.

What you can see here is an iceberg – clearly. And it’s those visible parts of the iceberg which represent your words and actions you take and express all day long. But as mentioned, your words and actions can only exist because you hold deep inside of you Values & Beliefs and based on those, you habitually think in a specific way and you feel in a specific way.

Your Values & Beliefs and your habits to think and feel form the basis of the person that is You. You are visible to others: they can see you (well, your body), they can hear you when you speak, they can touch you when you are close enough to them and you allow them to touch you, like shaking your hand, and they can see how you feel (that is if they are receptive enough to observe your body language).

Can you follow?

Let me take this 1 step further. The law of attraction draws to you the same things, people, events, circumstance, thoughts and ideas that are a match to you!
So based on what we’ve discussed so far, all those things and people and events and all the rest can’t be attracted based on what you SAY all day long. They can’t be attracted to you based on what you DO all day long – and doing in this sense is defined as learning new skills or working out or promoting your Network Marketing Opportunity etc. Because all those actions are based on your Values & Beliefs and your habitual thinking and feeling patterns.

So: the conclusion must be that it’s either your habitual thinking and feeling patterns that attract all those things to you or it’s your core Values & Beliefs that are responsible.

Which one is it?

I have the strange feeling that you won’t like the answer :-) … It’s both!

You see, your core Values & Beliefs actually make up your Self Image. Now your Self Image is nothing else that the image that you hold of yourself. You do have a specific image of yourself and you absolutely believe this image to be true. You do have this Self Image, whether you know it or not, and it’s working on your behalf all day long – whether you like what It (or You) create or not, it’s true.

And your Self Image triggers your habitual thinking and feeling processes or your habits in general. Because your Self Image is the one thing that has to be satisfied. You can’t live a life that does not fulfill your definition of your Self Image – it’s just not possible. Your Self Image is like the Core of your Being, or it’s what many people define as your Soul.

So let’s have another look at an image and let me put some more ‘down to earth’ explanations to it :-):
Let’s assume you want to get the Law of Attraction to work on your behalf in terms of attracting many people to your Network Marketing Opportunity. What do you do – or what is it that you have to believe to be true about yourself and how do you need to habitually think and feel?

It’s quite a question, right… and there is in fact no easy or 1 answer to it. So let me just give you a (hopefully) easy example.

your person is like this iceberg: not everything that makes you YOU is seen, but felt by the universe.

What you see here in this iceberg-image are examples. If you were to see yourself as a Team Builder, then that would to a certain extend define You – that would be a part of your Self Image.

So don’t underestimate the power of your Self Image. If you don’t know who you are – in my opinion – you can’t create the results you want and I take it that you want to create some nice financial results with your Network Marketing promotions, right?

So let me ask you a question: if you’ve defined yourself as being a Team Builder and you firmly believe this definition about yourself to be true, do you belief that you might speak and act differently than you did before?

Absolutely you will!

And let me ask you another question: do you believe that you would use different words to promote your Network Marketing Opportunity if you habitually thought that you will find a solution in time, that suits your vision of your financial goal? What do you believe you would do if you had this habitual thought inside of you? Do you believe that you will have this ‘never give up attitude’?

Or course you would!

So all you had to do is define who you are as a Network Marketer and what you want to do to create the success you wanted. Yeah - right: 'Just' decide!

How are you going to do that? Well: if you struggle to find an answer, I suggest you hop over to this page and we take it from there. 

And now we have come to a very interesting point in our discussion and I believe we are finally able to really answer the question opening question together: does it work? The answer is of course: Yes, it does. And the law of attraction works based on what you believe to be true about yourself – so your Self Image – and what you habitually think and feel all day long.

And this means that the Law of Attraction works based on what you can’t see and hear – it’s works based on those parts of You that are not visible to the World.

Can you follow this answer? This answer is entirely based on this iceberg metaphor. If you were this iceberg, you would use the law of attraction through all those parts that are submerged by the water. You would not use the law of attraction through those parts of you that are visible to other people.

Can you follow?

But wait: that’s only half of the answer. Now we know that the answer to the question ‘does the law of attraction work’ is Yes. And we do also know that it does work based on your values & beliefs and on your habitual thinking and feeling processes.

But we don’t yet know how exactly the power of attraction is activated. So let’s move on to this question.