Learn How to easily design your life

It's as easy as making 1 decision

This sounds R-E-A-L-L-Y corny and just too good to be true – if you only just had to design your life and your lifestyle and then magically everything would turn out exactly how you wanted it to be.

Yeah, right… This can’t be true! Welcome to your 6th step of the manifestation process.

Tell me: why can't this be possible? Why do you (still) believe that the lifestyle of your dreams is out of your reach or could just be created through hard work or with a huge amount of luck?

Why do you block this success by holding on to this very limiting belief that it can’t be true that all you had to do is literally just decide what it is that you wanted, keep this vision in your mind – make it a point to visualize this dream-lifestyle every single day – and work towards your vision step-by-step on a daily basis? Don’t you want a change…?

Aha: I heard you saying ‘Of course I want a change’ to my last question. So let me ask this one question again: why can’t you believe that you can ‘just’ design your life and work towards your vision on a daily basis?

Is it because you believe that it’s this working part that makes it impossible? I mean, you most likely know that you have to give something in order to receive what you want, right? And we all know that if you want more or different things in your life than you currently have, you either need to put money to work (and through this earn some decent interest and dividends) or you put time to work.

That’s it, right? You can’t believe that the work you do to promote your MLM opportunity can create the lifestyle you want. Can it be that you are still looking for THE SHORTCUT to success?

If so, then please allow me to introduce you to your very own and personalized shortcut: and this shortcut is… [drum rolls please…]: Create an image of the dream lifestyle, put this vision on a vision card or a vision board or which every visualization tool you prefer, then look at this vision card every day, make it a point to see yourself living this dream lifestyle, feel yourself as if you’ve already achieved this goal and then do 3 to 5 tasks to promote the Network Marketing Opportunity every single day.
That’s it; that’s your shortcut… :-)

Why is that a shortcut you ask? I tell you why: many people know about this process, but they actually never ever do it. And as a consequence, they NEVER create their dream lifestyle. So if you ask me, if you were 1 of those Network Marketers who just simply followed this process I just described, then you literally used a very personalized shortcut to success.

But then again: I asked at the beginning of this article if you still believed that it can’t be all there is - just to make a decision and do some promotional tasks every day and that would be the secret to mlm success. Do you know what the core message of this question actually is? It’s what you BELIEVE IS POSSIBLE.

You see, if you can’t believe deep inside your Heart of Hearts that it’s possible to 'just' hold this vision and conviction in your mind and just did some simple promotional tasks on a daily basis, then you won't reach your goal - ever!. If you can’t believe this, then you’ve already lost; you did not even give this journey a chance!

It is in fact really as simple as making 1 decision: just :-) decide that you want this dream lifestyle. But what would it be? How would your perfectly designed life look like?

Do you even know? Or do you just know that it can’t be done…?

You see, if you are so convinced that it can’t be done and that all those smart Sponsors keep telling you this story about ‘all you have to do is know the WHY and then the HOW will come’ just to trick you into signing up for their teams, then you basically focus on

  • that it’s not possible for you to create this dream lifestyle
  • that they just want to take your money
  • that they are all scammers… (or something like that…)

Can you follow? This doubt that you so love and hold on to soooo tightly – the doubt that you will never create your dream lifestyle through the promotion of your Network Marketing opportunity – this doubt actually blocks your mlm success.

I say to you right now: make this 1 decision and lose the doubt; lose the fear of change and start believing in your own ability to make it happen!

Ok: let’s assume that you’ve just made that decision to change. How would you go about that? Where would you start?
Have a look at this image here:

template to get clear of what you want

What you see here are 7 main life areas. I got the inspiration to design my life around those 7 main areas from Jack Canfield’s book ‘The Success Principals’ – a great book!

Now: can you see in the middle the ‘I am…’? Of course you can. So here is what I want you to do:

Start brainstorming about what you want to do as job; would you continue to have an 8 to 5 job and do a little bit of Network Marketing just for fun or do you see yourself being your own boss with your own little online enterprise? Which one is it?

Then brainstorm how the house (an asset) would look like, how big is it, how much land, where would it be etc.

Then brainstorm how you want to enjoy free time (recreation): are you travelling? In which class? In which hotels will you stay?

Can you understand what I want you to do? Just let your imagination roam freely and come up with ideas of what you truly want to do. But here is the thing: what you most likely will experience during this brainstorm session is a nagging little voice in the back of the head, claiming that this exercise is just BS… :-) - don’t listen to it! That’s your Ego, you know the part that made you believe that you can’t just design your life.

This Ego is very comfortable in the current situation and this Ego doesn’t really want you to change – because who knows, this new lifestyle might just be as bad as the current one, so where is the point in going through all the effort to change? Again: those are your old Ego-driven thoughts of doubt and fear which will keep you in the current comfort zone - if you listen to them.

So how can you not listen to your own doubts? That’s a brilliant question :-) You stop listening to those doubts by

  1. Acknowledge that you have them. Accept them and actually start a conversation in your mind with those doubts. Ask them why they are here in the first place.
    I know this sounds ridiculous, but I want you to get a better understanding about those doubts and fears. You see, only if you do understand why you hold those doubts, you will actually be able to see that there is no good and valid reason available to hold on to them.
  2. If you ask yourself ‘why do I doubt that I can make it happen?’ listen to the inner voice. You might need to train yourself to listen to this gut feeling and you do that by creating a vision card of the dream lifestyle (let’s just say you put a picture of a dream house onto a vision card) and you look at this card every day. By looking at this vision, you see your result – just tell yourself that this house is yours. And then ask again: ‘why do I doubt that I can make it happen?’ There will be instincts, vage reasons that come to mind, ideas as to why you can’t do it – something like I don’t know how to write an article.
  3. Take note of the answers. You see, if you write down what your scared Ego comes up with – like I can’t write an article – then you have a very smart answer: I can learn how to write one!
  4. Convince your Ego – and you do that by having this conversation until you won’t get a ‘but’ or ‘if’ ‘or ‘maybe’ or ‘if only’ and all the rest of the excuses.
    You see, if you just told the Ego that you can learn to write an article, then the Ego might come back and claim, that this might take time! Right… :-) it’s 100% true that learning a new skill takes time. But: how long will it take you to buy or build the dream house if you keep doubting that you will ever make it happen? I bet you won’t ever get what you want.

Can you see how doubt and the reasons why you doubt start to become irrational? Continue the conversation until you get really funny answers, something like ‘a bigger house will create more heating costs’. Yes, correct. And…? What’s wrong with that? You won’t be able to pay those bills on your current wage? I know… that’s why I promote my MLM opportunity and earn $x a month.

Do you start to understand?

I strongly suggest you go through this conversation in your mind and write down the Ego-driven questions and the answers. I am sure the result will be the same as it was for me: you will start to laugh about some of the ‘buts’ and ‘ifs’ that the Ego comes up with… :-)

So there you have it: brainstorm! Come up with crazy ideas of your new lifestyle and put those favourite designs on a vision card or vision board. Look at your vision card every day and say to yourself that this is yours! If you get resistance from the Ego, have a nice conversation and ask yourself ‘why can’t I have that?’ and write down the answers.

… and as they say ‘if your WHY is clear, the HOW will come’ – your WHY is the vision card. You will have your reasons as to why you want a bigger house, you will have your reasons why you want the flashy car or the first class yearly holiday. It is true, as soon as you know the WHY and you literally fall in love with it, the HOW shows up – in form of ideas as to how you can best promote your Network Marketing opportunity.

Have faith in your own abilities! Go now and design your life and have fun with it! And as soon as you are ready, move on to step number 7 - how to create an effective goal card.