activate the law of attraction

It’s an interesting question: how to apply the law of attraction for money. I mean, if we ‘just’ had some sort of a magical how-to-guide that could show us the way to attract limitless riches through Network Marketing, then we would all jump on it – or wouldn’t you jump?

So in this 9th step of the manifestation process of your mlm success, I want to share with you my take on how to activate the law of attraction – basically, I want to share with you an interesting solution as to how to apply the law of attraction for money.

It’s all in your heart! Sounds funny, right? But it’s the truth. So let me explain:

Do you know that the law of attraction brings to you all those things – events, people, ideas, opportunities – that are on the same vibrational frequency as you are? In a nutshell, this is what the law of attraction governs.

So the question now is, on which frequency are you vibrating and how do you emit your vibration?
Let’s look at this image below – I borrowed it from Bob Proctor’s book ‘You Were Born Rich’ and I adjusted it slightly with additional insights I gained through reading the HeartMath Institute’s book ‘The HeartMath Solution’:

a head-heart-congruency does activate the law of attraction and bring to you what you want

What you see in this image here is a representation of your mind as well as your body. So let’s first concentrate on your mind. You do have those 5 input sensors – Taste, Smell, Sight, Hearing and Touch. You so far mainly used those 5 input channels to experience your life. Through those 5 input channels, you receive information which are then filtered through your mind and based on your experiences and your values & beliefs, the information means something to you – something good or something bad.

You see, your mind stores your past experiences and the majority of your values & beliefs mainly in your sub-conscious mind. Those stored information make up your Self Image. Now since the sub-conscious mind is not conscious in our daily experience, some people do things, but don’t really know why they are doing them… And it's because they don't have much conscious knowledge about their Self Image.

But you see, based on how you react to daily challenges and events, you attract the result - it's the fundamental rule of the law of attraction. Let me give you an example:

Let’s just say that you shared your sign up link with a new connection you’ve just made on 1 of those Social Networks and you hope that this person will sign up eventually. So you would most likely feel anxious, maybe nervous, maybe excited about the prospect of a new team member. Let’s just say, you sit there and wait for the decision… and then, you receive the answer that the person decided not to join.

This would be frustrating, right? Maybe this decision would even make you angry and you see, it’s exactly those emotional reactions that create your vibrational frequency and it’s exactly this vibration that you send out.

So this means in just 1 day – if I can quickly summaries your day’s experience based on the example I just shared – you would have send out vibrations of excitement, of eager anticipation, maybe even of happiness and then vibrations of frustration and/or anger.

Can you follow?

So let me ask you a question: which events and people and results should the law of attraction now get you? Exciting events or frustrating events or angry events or happy events…?

It’s confusing, right? :-) And that’s exactly why I’m sharing this article with you so that you can gain a better understanding as to how to activate the law of attraction for money in a balanced way.

This is how you do it: let’s look at the image again:

it's about what you feel in your heart that creates the attration to what you desire

Do you see the red heart? Of course you do. You see, we people feel our emotions through the heart and through every single heartbeat, we emit a specific frequency and (as said before) it’s this vibrational frequency that activates the law of attraction.

Which means, through the process of thinking, our minds send a specific information to our bodies – and through this to our heart – to feel a specific emotion (like happiness or anger for example) and this information changes the way our heart beats and emits this specific vibrational frequency.

… or so we were led to believe… :-)

You see, if you carefully study the book ‘The HeartMath Solution’ you will find out that our hearts do in fact beat without the specific ‘order’ given by our brains to do so. Our hearts have their own intelligence which can even override our brain’s orders – interesting, wouldn’t you say?

I find this extremely fascinating – in particular since our heartbeats emit a way stronger vibrational frequency than our brains do. Let me repeat this last fact: our brains do emit a vibrational frequency through the process of thinking. We can measure those vibrations through medical equipment. But our hearts emit an even stronger vibration and through this stronger vibrational frequency, our hearts can override our brain’s vibration!

So: what has all of this to do with the question as to how to activate the law of attraction? I guess, the answer is getting clearer: If you and me and everyone else can manage to think positively and feel positively for most of our days, then we would emit a mainly positive vibrational frequency and based on this ‘signal’ that is sent out, people and events and ideas would come to us.

In other words, we should aim for Head-Heart-Congruency – which is a fancy word for aligning our thinking to the way we mainly feel and through this, get our vibrational frequencies sent out from our brains and from our hearts into alignment.

Right – Great, that’s easily said… how do you do that?

Basically, what you need is some sort of security, a reassurance tool, that lets you feel 100% assured that what you do with your promotional activities for your Network Marketing opportunity is 100% correct and does lead you with 100% accuracy to your financial goal.

… wouldn’t such a tool be great…? :-)

Did I hear you correctly – did you just say ‘give it to me or show me at least where I can buy it’?
This tool could ultimately activate the law of attraction for you – for which ever goal you want to realize. BUT: this tool might not be your typical tool – it’s not downloadable, but I will take you to it – just follow this link here :-)