It's in the Vibration

That's where you activate this universal law

That's an interesting question - and it promises so much potential, especially for your Network Marketing Success. So how can you make use of this powerful universal law? It is based on the vibration that is offered.

Right. Vibration… which vibration? Yours! And how do you vibrate? And how does such a vibration attract your MLM Success (or failure) to you?

Let me talk you though :-)

You see, the Law of Attraction works on the basis of the Universal Law of Vibration. What this means is the following: All things, like Houses, Cars, Chairs, your Cloths, your Table, Money and even You, we are all made of Energy. Actually, we are made of tiny little Energy-Things which can also be described as microscopic bits of Matter; that is how Napoleon Hill refers to those things in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’.

So: we are made of those microscopic bits of matter. And you see, every matter is nothing else than a collection of energy and every form of energy vibrates on a specific frequency. That’s what the Universal Law of Vibration covers.

And based on the offered vibration (or the frequency of the vibration), things are attracted. So this means that You and Me and everyone else, we do also offer a specific vibration all day long. And it’s our frequency that attracts other people and events and circumstances as well as money into our existence.

Can you follow? It’s just basic Law – the Law of Vibration which is applicable here.

So what does this mean in terms of your MLM success? I mean, how can you use it and and let this universal Law do its magic for you?
What you need to understand is that you can change the frequency of your vibration and based on the frequency you vibrate on most of the time, things and events and circumstances and ideas and as a result, money is drawn to you.

So how can you change your frequency? And onto which level do you have to bring it?

In order to change your vibration, you need to understand that the Law of Attraction is ruled by your Emotions.

In essence, what we Humans have is Consciousness. We are aware that we exist and we are aware that we feel certain feelings at any given time. We feel angry, we feel happy, we are in love, we are afraid, we are joyful. We feel our feelings all day long. Sometimes we might struggle to name exactly how we feel, but this doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t hold specific feeling-patterns inside of us.

And it’s our feelings that create a specific vibration. And based on this vibration, we attract things and events and circumstances and people as well as money to us – or we repel them.

your emotions are the trigger to change your vibration. in there lies the power.

Right. Let’s look again at the title of this paragraph here: I wrote ‘the power of attraction is ruled by your emotions’. So tell me: are feelings and emotions the same thing?

Not to me… :-) You see, feelings are a combination of our thoughts (which offer meaning or definition or reason or explanation of what we feel and why) plus a connecting emotion, like Guilt or Fear or Desire or Pride or Courage, Willingness, Acceptance, Love and Joy. Those are just a few emotions we might feel.

So again: an emotion is the raw form of our ‘feeling-side’ and we add a meaning to this raw form of ‘feeling’ and this meaning is added in form of a thought and this combination – Emotion plus Thought – creates the feeling we have.

It’s the feeling we hold in our Hearts; it’s the feeling that offers the vibration to the Universe and it’s our feeling that we feel most of the time that attracts events, people, circumstances, ideas and money to us.

Let me give you a down-to-earth example. 

You see, there was a time when I mainly used Social Media to connect with other Network Marketers and tried to get them to join my team. So I sat there for hours a day, chatting with people, updating my timeline, putting ads into nearly countless groups and chatting with many people (oh, I already mentioned that… :-) ). It was then when I ‘met’ online a nice young gentleman who connected with me through liking many of my posts, leaving comments on my timeline updates and we started chatting.

It didn't take me long to realize that we’ve chatted before - some weeks ago, but under a different profile – some people ‘need’ to re-invent themselves while using Social Media… Anyway…

As said, I recognized him and pointed this out to him that we’ve already chatted and I’ve asked him how his business went and what he was doing now-a-days. He answered very promptly and with great enthusiasm, stating that he still was involved in his MLM opportunity and he (again) invited me to join which I declined – because I already knew what he was promoting and I was not interested in learning more about it.

So I explained this to him. This is when everything changed. All the sudden, he got aggressive and his tone of message-writing changed quite dramatically. He went on to ‘predict’ my future by saying that I wouldn't make it on Social Media because I lacked his insights and that he knew this for a fact because my timeline would ‘only’ get so many reactions. But he knew that he could change all this for me but only if I changed my mind and joined his team.

Curious, I thought at the time… very interesting sales pitch: predicting doom and gloom to get someone to join you… Hm… I again declined courteously and then it happened: he declared that he now sees through me, that he didn’t want to associate with stubborn people like me and he immediately unfriended me.

WOW… to be honest: at this moment I had to laugh a bit, but I then moved on to write him 1 last message back before he blocked me from chatting with him again. I wrote to him that I found his recruiting-approach very interesting: accusing people of being stubborn is not the right way for me to entice people to join a person.

As mentioned, we never chatted again…
So: what did I learn from this experience? Clearly the universal law of vibration was at work here. Clearly, this gentleman was somewhat frustrated (not to say angry or desperate) and his desire to make money led him to nearly take which ever measure he saw fit to get people to use his link and sign up.

So: this gentleman had this Anger-Frequency inside his Heart and he chatted with people on this frequency and he hoped he would find enthusiastic new team members to join him. Maybe he even believed that he got only so angry and frustrated BECAUSE no one used his link and maybe he even felt justified in feeling angry BECAUSE no one got what a great MLM opportunity he was promoting.

Can you relate to that experience?

I’m not saying you are doing this – by all means, what I wish to ask you here or draw your attention to is that this young gentleman WAS already angry or frustrated and he chatted with people on this frequency. And this means that all he was attracting to him was more of the same – more frustration because no one wants to join an angry Team Leader… or do you?

And that is the Law of Attraction at work.

So how can you leave such an angry or frustrated state of mind behind you? Let’s go back to the example of this young gentleman. There was clearly something not working for him. Maybe it was the traffic generation method that just didn’t suit him or maybe he lost confidence in his MLM opportunity – I actually can’t tell – I never had the chance to ask him… :-)

Or maybe it was the entire Business Model that Network Marketing represents, that didn’t suit him – you know, that you add value to others through explaining how a specific traffic generation method works or how the universal law of vibration can influence your MLM Success; just to name 2 examples.

Whichever stumbling clock he faced at this moment in time, he should have asked himself some questions: like

  • Is this the right way for me to build my online business? Meaning is the traffic generation method the right one for me? If not, it creates frustration and unhappiness right from the word go… and those are not frequencies you want to vibrate on
  • Is the MLM Opportunity the right one for me? If you can’t be somehow proud to promote something, you most likely won’t feel passionate about it and if you lack passion for the thing you promote, chances are very high people will feel that. So ask yourself ‘why am I promoting this opportunity and not another one?’ If you promoted a Network Marketing Opportunity that is close to your heart, you would feel happiness somewhere inside of you when you talk and write and chat about it – or do you disagree?
  • Is Network Marketing the right business model? You see, for me, Network Marketing is all about working together with others, showing them how it’s done or how they could make it happen. It’s about sharing experiences and sharing success ultimately. If this is not you – if you ‘just want to make money’, then maybe Network Marketing is not the best idea to be involved in. Can you see that?

All 3 questions basically dance around your main feeling that you would have while promoting your MLM opportunity. You should always aim for the highest happy-feeling that you can possibly create inside of you while working through your promotional activities.

And this means that you should be or aim to become a Happy Network Marketer. On this basis, you do activate the law of attraction for you and in time, you will create the MLM Success you are after.

Now: I hear you when you ask ‘which Happy Network Marketer can I be?’ It’s an interesting question and in all honesty, you are the only one who can answer that. But I might have an inspirational solution for you: follow this link here and we take it from there - how's that?