14 Step Manifestation Process

Success Starts in the Mind and 14 steps can take you there

Don’t we all know that success starts in the mind? So it seems logical that we want to find out what the right mind set is that let's us create the mlm success we are looking for.

I guess, we’ve all been there: we come to a point in our lives where we somehow feel that something has to change. We don’t want to work every day for a company that doesn’t really appreciate our efforts, or we find ourselves with a huge pile of debt and we so desperately want to get rid of it, or we just can’t stand it anymore that so many others have what we want to enjoy; it’s just not fair.

So we turn to the Internet and try to find an easy and comfortable and safe way to make a ton of money; and fast please! And it’s only a matter of time and your personal preference when you stumble upon a nice-sounding, nearly irresistible Network Marketing Opportunity that promises to be THE solution to all your challenges.

So here we are: full of hope and motivation to make it happen. We sign up and do as we are told… and in most cases, nothing really happens. We learn that it’s not so easy to earn a Million Dollars or we do start to understand that this pile of money only comes to us through hard work.
But then, we hear something nearly magical; something that promises an irresistible pull towards money, to success in general – if we ONLY knew how to train our minds the right way...

So – you start asking – how do I get this right mind set? It was my question exactly, some nearly 3 years ago. You see, at the time, as I started with this journey, I had the impression that building up an online business using Network Marketing as my business model, would not be much different from running an offline business. And I thought that if I only applied my Business Administration knowledge, I could not fail.
Sounds logical, right? So why couldn’t I make it happen? Why did it take more than 2 years to finally ‘get the message’ that I have to change my mind set if I wanted to have mlm success?

The answer to this question is not easily given but it is very easily summarized: if you have the wrong mind set – meaning that you tend to perceive the World in a more negative way – you can try whatever your heart tells you to do; you will find it extremely difficult to make it happen. And this truth does not only refer to building up your online business using Network Marketing.

So – what is the right way then? As said, I had this nagging and frustration question on my mind for quite some time and I was determined to find an answer. And I did :-)

14 steps manifestation process to create mlm success

And in this article, I'm sharing my insights with you. 

But before I go into details, let me explain something first. You see, I started reading and I studied so many Network Marketing Books and Books about the Meta-Physical, the Law of Attraction, how my mind works and how we People fit into Nature’s Universal Laws. I read and read and read and learned a lot!

A partial result of this learning curve was the creation of a 14 step Manifestation Process – that’s how I call it anyway. I will introduce you to those 14 steps in just a moment, but I want you to understand that this Manifestation Process should not be perceived as some sort of commandment. It’s my finding, my lesson learned, my conclusion of 3 years of studying and I am happy to share it with you. But ultimately, you will need to find your own level of understanding of what I am about to share with you.

In any event, I’m sure you will be able to take quite a bit of added value from my 14 Steps Manifestation Process. So let’s get started: 

Here are your 14 steps to adjust your mind set for mlm success:

  1. Accept that all your Thoughts are Real
    This might sound really crazy :-), some sort of logical and normal. So why is this the first step to mlm success?
  2. Understand that you can Control your Thinking
    Yeah right… how do I do that? My mind seems to have a mind on its own…
  3. Decide about your Goal
    Well: I know THAT! I want to get rid of… [fill in the blank…] and I definitely want more money! :-)
  4. Decide Who you want to Be
    What do you mean? I am already someone…
  5. Know which Goal-Emotion you want to experience
    What…? Why is this important?
  6. Create your Goal-Mental-Image
    you are talking about visualization. Not again… I want to take action, not visualize…
  7. See it in your Mind’s Eye
    I can’t imagine things; I’m really not that creative. How am I going to do this step then?
  8. Repeat your Mental Movie
    Ok… when are we going to take action?
  9. Develop your Heart-Head Congruency
    … you lost me there…
  10. Develop your Faith
    Faith in what or in whom?
  11. Develop your Success Habits
    this is what I have been trying to do… so I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say about that.
  12. Develop your Implementation Plan
    Finally – Action! Great! Can I download that?
  13. Start building your MLM downline
    … I knew there was a catch…
  14. Monitor how your Network Marketing Success unfolds
    Sounds like you are really convinced that this works...

I’m not only convinced that it works, I know it. I've tested this process myself and I firmly believe if it works for me, then it can also work for you. So I take it that you start to understand that there is no free lunch in exchange for your mlm success. To work through those 14 steps and train yourself is work (and work is action, right? :-) ), but those 14 steps of this manifestation process is your ticket to mlm success. 

Let’s start with step 1: Accept that all your Thoughts are Real