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Yasmine Sander
Yasmine Sander
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Life Is Great!
You work all day - every day! But you want to enjoy Life. You want to put yourself first and your work life second.
That's what PROJECT SIDESHOW creates for you!

Project Sideshow

Project Sideshow is all about putting your income generating activities on auto-pilot so that you can put your lifestyle and all the things you love to do onto your center stage.
No more 'earning your lifestyle' but actually living it!
Here is how you get started:
Know Your Number

How much money would you need DAILY to live the life you dream about? Knowing this number is critical for your next steps.

Get A Wallet

You need a Bitcoin Wallet. Frankly, if you don't yet have one, you are missing the train! So get yourself a free Blockchain Wallet right here.

Buy Some Bitcoin

To get started, you need to buy some Bitcoins. You can do this here at Coinmana and pay with your credit card. It's easy and risk-free.

Work Smartly

And here comes the most important step: Decide to be smart and let your Bitcoins do all the work for you. Smart-Click right here.

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